1. Python in Chemistry Workshop

    With lectures of Dr. Toon Verstraelen (Best Coding Practices in Python.) , Dr. Fernaz Heidar (Chemtools) and Dr. Paul Ayers (Horton). Also with a special lecture of Dr. Christopher Rowley. January 2019

  2. 44th International Congress of Theoretical Chemists of Latin Expression, Santiago de Chile 2019

    Dr. Stefan Vogt and Dr. Esteban Vöhringer-Martinez gave an invited lecture in the Quitel 2018 conference. October 2018

  3. Dr. Stefan Vogt gave a talk in the University of Ohio State and at the Georgia Institute of Technology.

    "Exploring chemistry with second layer software. Examples and applications". August 2018

  4. Dr. Voehringer Martinez gave a talk at the conference.

    "Computer Simulation of Biological Membraners and Free Energy Calculation of Biological Systems". August 2018